Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year in Review

2009 flew by, yet I can't remember anything prior to October. I thought maybe posting a few pics of the year may help jog my memory... (P.S. thanks Kris for the idea)

January: A Sunday evening at Salt Creek Beach

In February, we went to St. George with Kristen and Aaron and the Beck's.

March was a very busy month.

We taught Luke how to walk...

How to feed the ducks at the pond...

And how to mow the lawn.

Grandpa and GB also came and visited.
Here is Nate, Luke and Grandpa taking a lap on Balboa Island.

In April Luke and I took another little trip to St. George with the girls.

I don't know where Luke was, but here is Kim, Kate and me on our trip.

Also in April, Luke celebrated his first Easter. He was more than happy with one egg.

In May, we celebrated Luke's first birthday.

We also took the boat around Newport Harbor.
And Katelyn and I did a little Memorial Day race.

In June, we did our dinner group at the Getty Center in LA.
And Luke looked like he had stuck his finger in the light socket...

July was the trip to the OC fair.

In August we took a trip to NYC.

Luke and I met up with Alex for lunch in Brooklyn.

Nate's family came to visit again in August and we did a little day trip to Catalina.

I don't know what happened in September but obviously nothing to necessitate a picture...

October: Luke and Tessa at the beach

In October, we went to Big Bear with the Hunt's for some fall foliage.

Pumpkin Patch


November: Troy's birthday party at Rainforest Cafe

And for December:
Luke and I visited Kristy and Will. Luke and Will were little buddies.

Tree lighting in Laguna Niguel

And Luke's visit to Santa. Luke wasn't such a fan.

Sunday, January 18, 2009